More than 12 different cylinders

Edison brown wax cylinder to digital
Columbia audio cylinder to digital
Pathe Salon cylinder to digital
Edison gold moulded cylinder to digital
Columbia cylinder to digital
Edison Concert cylinder to digital
Lambert cylinder to digital
Columbia twentieth century to digital
Dictabelt to digital
Dictaphone to digital


Wax cylinder digitization

Wax cylinders to Digital

Our studio transfers into digital more than 12 different wax cylinder formats.

Within this nomenclature, different groove formats, chemical composition, rotation speed, diameter, etc. are included. They are the oldest audio formats and also the most delicate ones. Starting with the Edison cylinders of brown wax (actually soda stearate and vegetable waxes) whose improper handling can result in large caliber breaks, or for example a sudden thermal difference, can cause cracks that eventually result in significant breaks. To be able to digitize this type of files we have the Arheophone, a universal reader with adjustments for correction of deformations, speed and various diameters.

Causes of common Degradations

Most common causes of wax cylinders degradations are;

  • Broken parts
  • Mold
  • embedded dust
  • plaster deformation ( Blue Amberol)
  • Rust (Columbia)
  • Wax degradations
  • Others


Adio Cylinder most formats

Most of common audio cylinders

Sound RestorationWax cylinders to digital

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