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Wax cylinders
to digital

Wax cylinders to Digital

Our studio transfers into digital more than 12 different wax cylinder formats.

Within wax cylinder we can find more than 18 differences attending;

– chemical composition,

– rotation speed,

– diameter,

– Length

– Width,

Wax cylinders are considered the first recording audio format for mass distribution and also the most delicate ones.

Improper handling can result in cracks or even total break apart.

Also a sudden variation in temperature can cause cracks that eventually result in significant breaks.

We use the Arheophone as a Master Cylinder and Dictabelt Player, able to fit every single particular one getting a very high end quality.

Common affections

  • Broken parts
  • Mold
  • embedded dust
  • plaster deformation ( Blue Amberol)
  • Rust (Columbia)
  • Wax degradations
  • Others

Common Noises

  • Clicks
  • Crackle
  • hiss
  • wow and flutter

We use Cedar Audio (c) to reduce all those noises with no interference to the original audio source.


Audio Cylinders and dictabelt

Sound RestorationWax cylinders to digital

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