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Audio Lab and Studio

Audiomeca Romance. 33, 45 rpm.
special oversized 17” Rek o Kut with varispeed vertical or lateral.
Rek o Kut Rondine III, Studer B79,
Denon Prof. 3 heads High End, Nakamichi ZX, profesional.
Sync.Revox PR 99,
Otari 5050 MK III.Nab Broadcast cart player OTARI.
8 tracks cart player Pioneer. (Centrex)
Akai CR-80D.Microcassete 1/8. (full and half track).
Alesis ADAT XT-20.Denon minidisc Broadcast DN 990
.Tascam DA-38 DAT…
Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine,
Nitty Gritty, Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks…



In our lab we treat the most common degradations affecting to; cassettes, wax cylinders, discs and open reels.

On Cassette

We treat the most commonly found;

  • Sticky shed
  • loss of lubrication
  • mold
  • broken tape
  • broken parts
  • print through
on Wax cylinders

We treat the most commonly found;

  • mold
  • broken parts
  • cracked cylinders
  • embedded dirt
  • rust on internal Columbia ring
  • core of plaster…
On Open Reels

Open reel share some of the same affections with audio cassette tapes plus mechanical issues;

  • Sticky shed syndrome
  • Vinegar syndrome
  • loss of lubrication
  • mold
  • broken parts
  • print through


Studio and Laboratory

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