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to digital

shellac disc to digital
Acetate disc to digital
78, 76, rpm, etc to digital
Radio transcription to digital
cardboard discs to digital
(recordio, rek-o-kut, audiodisc)
Aluminium discs to digital
(speak-0-phone, repeat-a-voice,
Remsem, Kodisk, Stearns Brothers,
U&I voice Records)
LP to digital
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Digitization considerations

We use State of the Art technology to transfer more than 18 different audio discs to digital in the highest quality.

We recommend for archival copy; PCM uncompressed WAV a 96Khzs/24 bits, 192 Khzs /24 bits or 88,2 Khzs /24 bits depending on client demands.

For the access copy; Wav a 44,1Khzs /16 bits edited and restored plus MP3 2 channel 320mbps.

– 3 Rondine III turntables with selectable speed provides ultra low resonance, high accurate stable stroboscope calibrated speed for audio discs archival.

– Custom made Tomahawk (c) air bearing tonearms (UK) are attached to every turntable to provide linear tracking sampling.

– Custom made by expert stylus UK an assortment of stylus shapes and widths for every unique shellac/laquered/vynil disc.

– Hill and dale vertical cut and lateral V cut shape discs are transferred accurately.

– All diameters 3″, 5″, 72, 10″ up to 16 (radio transcriptions) can be transferred.

– rotation speeds (from 16rpm to more than 100rpm), heads up for 76rpm, 78,24 rpm and 80rpm.

– Composition; cardboard, acetate, vinyl, shellac, even magnetic Telefunken and Pye discs, no problem.

Digital Restoration

Cedar Audio (c) provides great quality noise restoration without damaging the audio source;

  • Clicks,
  • cracks
  • Buzz, Hum
  • Hiss
  • implosive noises (keys drop, screams, doors banging, cough, …can also be restored with no foodprint)
  • broken parts
  • palmitic acid (acetate, lacquered discs)
  • embedded dirt (shellac)
  • Oval vinyl discs.
  • mold (sometimes come from the cardboard cover due to moisture)
all discs we can transfer to digital
  • – Large 16″ radio transcription disc transfer to digital

    – Shellac disc transfer to digital under any speed 76 rpm, 78 rpm, 90 rpm, 100 rpm, etc.

    – 16 rpm low speed lacquered discs transfer to digital

    – Acetate disc transfer to digital.

    – LP 33 1/3 rpm disc transfer to digital (specially for itunes, youtube, record labels, etc.)

    – Single 45 rpm transfer to digital using high end linear tracking tonearm.

    – Extended Play transfer to digital.

    – Pathe Hill and dale discs transfer to digital.

    – Edison Diamond hill and dale discs transfer to digital.

    – Voice Writer disc transfer to digital.

    – Gay Audograph disc transfer to digital.

    – Wilcox Gay cardboard disc transfer to digital.

    – Flexi disc transfer to digital.

    – Soundscriber disc transfer to digital.

    – Mattel o Phone disc transfer to digital.

    – Telefunken magnetic disc transfer to digital.

    – PYE magnetic disc transfer to digital.



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