18 different audio discs

Shellac disc digitization

shellac disc digitization
Acetate disc to digital
78, 76, rpm, etc to digital
cardboard recordio disc to digital
Radio transcription to digital
cardboard discs to digital(recordio, rek-o-kut, audiodisc)
Aluminium discs to digital (speak-0-phone, repeat-a-voice, Remsem, Kodisk, Stearns Brothers, U&I voice Records)
LP to digital
EP to digital
Single a digitalGalleryVideos

Audio discs to digital

We transfer into digital more than 18 different audio discs.

There are a huge variety of audio discs, some of them require special stylus (hand crafted) some of them special re equalisations, different rotation speeds, long arms (for 16″ radio transcriptions) accurate reading (we use air bearing tangential tonearms), etc.

Digitization considerations

– Different groove width

– different diameters 3″, 5″, 72, 10″ up to 17″

– different rotation speeds (from 16rpm to more than 100rpm)

– compositions; cardboard, acetate, vinyl, shellac, …

– lateral or vertical cut

– …

Digital Restoration

Digital restoration for different noises;

  • Clicks, cracks, scratches, etc.
  • Buzz, Hum
  • Hiss
  • implosive noises (keys drop, screams, doors banging, cough, …)
Common Degradations

most common degradations are;

  • broken parts
  • palmitic acid
  • embedded dirt
  • Oval vinyl discs.
  • mold.
  • other


Common audio disc formats

Audio RestorationShellac discs to digital

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