State of the art technology to bring you back your memories and for professional archival works; Archeophone,
Rek o Kut Rondine III, Studer B79,
Nakamichi ZX, profesional.
Tascam, Otari MTR15, Studer A810, Nagra IVs, …


& studio




– REEL TO REEL PLAYERS; most of our equipment are conformed from State of the Art players; Studer, Revox, Otari, Nagra… providing us every single combination within track width, speed, equ playback decoder, reciprocal noise reduction…

– WAX CYLINDERS AND DICTABELTS; we own The Archeophone, the universal wax cylinder and dictabelt player for archival purposes.

– AUDIO CASSETTES; from High End; Tascam (Compact Cassette), Fostex, Nakamichi, Denon, Sony (Elcaset), Olympus, Panasonic, …to vintage players to attend the huge assortment of audio tape cassettes (properly serviced)

Special mention to reciprocal noise reduction Compact Cassette systems (High Com, Adres…), Mpx filters for FM Bias encoding, playback eQ for Type I, II, III, IV cassette tapes, and also Nakamichi systems.

– AUDIO DISCS; We own 3 units of the state of the art archival Rondine III (made in USA) with control speed from 16 rpm up to 120rpm (Stroboscope calibrated), specially for shellac discs with speeds from 78’24rpm, 76rpm, 80 rpm…

We also own several historical reEqualizers sucha as “TDL”, “Reequalizer”, “Rek-o-Kut” fulfilling every single “turn over” and “roll off” step for “shellac”.

We also work with “Tomahawk” (UK built) air bearing tangential tonearm. Assortment of stylus custom made by ExpertStylus UK, cartridges (shells)and preamps.

– VIDEO CASSETTES; we work on most of the standard typologies; U-matic, Betacam, Hi8, Vhs, Vhs-c, Betamax, Video 2000, LaserDisc, etc. under BlackMagic Design (c) converters and calibrated monitors.

– WIRING; professional studio cables are used. Impedance relation and attention to “hot pin2-3” for XLR connectors USA/EU standards.

– DIGITAL TRANSFER HARDWARE; World leading RME, Apogee, Blackmagic Design ADDA converters.

– DIGITAL EDITION SOFTWARE; ProTools (c), Cubase (c) BlackMagic Design (c), Final cut (c).


– IMAGE; for image thumbnail attachment to audiovisual archiving projects, we work with Epson 10000XL one of the most professional and great quality LP cover scanner. For cylinders and other bulky formats; SONY Alpha 7s ii 20MP iso 450000. BlackMagic Design (c) video converters and editing daw.

– MONITORS; ATC SCM (UK) under Odissey Audio Amp. (USA) among others. For video monitoring; Sony catode monitors and LED calibrated computer monitors.


AUTOMATED CLEANING MACHINES; Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine, ULTRA SOUND cleaning machines for discs. ITC for audiovisual, and among fluids, etc.


FLUIDS; re-lubricating custom made fluids, mold removal fluids, vynil discs cleaning fluids, shellac cleaning fluids, etc.

TECHNICAL GEAR; in order to keep all these hardware in proper order condition; oscilloscope, stroboscope, MLR tapes, etc.

LAB OVEN; for SSS treatments

STABILISATION CHAMBER for humidity and temperature control.

Audio & Video RestorationReparation of Audio & Video FormatsSpecialized CleaningSound & Video Restoration

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