Audio Lab and Studio

Audiomeca Romance. 33, 45 rpm.
special oversized 17” Rek o Kut with varispeed vertical or lateral.
Rek o Kut Rondine III, Studer B79,
Denon Prof. 3 heads High End, Nakamichi ZX, profesional.
Sync.Revox PR 99,
Otari 5050 MK III.Nab Broadcast cart player OTARI.
8 tracks cart player Pioneer. (Centrex)
Akai CR-80D.Microcassete 1/8. (full and half track).
Alesis ADAT XT-20.Denon minidisc Broadcast DN 990
.Tascam DA-38 DAT…
Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine,
Nitty Gritty, Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks…


and studio

Lab and Studio

State of the art technology to transfer more than 110 different audiovisual media over the highest quality.

Our lab treats any sort of degradation within audiovisual media.

  • Sticky shed
  • loss of lubrication
  • mold
  • broken tape
  • broken parts
  • print through
Wax cylinders

We treat the most commonly found;

  • mold
  • broken parts
  • cracked cylinders
  • embedded dirt
  • rust on internal Columbia ring
  • core of plaster…
Open Reels
  • Sticky shed syndrome
  • Vinegar syndrome
  • loss of lubrication
  • mold
  • broken parts
  • print through
Audio RestorationReparation of Audio FormatsSpecialized CleaningSound Restoration

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