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Compact cassette to digital, microcassette (Olimpus) to digital
Mini cassette( Philips) to digital picocassette to digital
Portaestudio 4 and 8 pistas to digital
Minifon protona to digital
Stenorette (steno cassette) to digital
versacorder 2000 to digital
U-matic low and high band to digital
Stuzzi memocord to digital
Muntz to digital
Fidelipack nab broadcast to digital
rca-victor soundtape to digital
8 pistas 8track cart to digital
4 track Muntz to digital
Smith Corona mail letter call
Micro pack 35 to digital
Sabamobil to digital
Sonaband to digital
playtape to digital…


Cassette to Digital

Audio Cassette to digital

We transfer into digital more than 28 different audio cassette tape formats.

All sort of audio cassette tape to digital;

4 and 8 track porta studio (Tascam)

vintage formats

High Com, Aurex, Dolby compliant cassette systems

Type I, II, III and IV Philips Compact Cassette

Nakamichi EX, SX and ZX tapes

Nab cart, Muntz, 8 Cart tracks, etc.

physical restoration, cleaning and treatments; sticky shed, loss of lubrication, broken parts, mold…

Noise and degradations

Noise Digital restauration applied using cutting edge technology; Cedar Audio among different nose restoration processors.

Common noises found are;

  1. Hiss
  2. Buzz, Hum
  3. Implosive noises
  4. Wow and flutter
  5. Other

Common Degradations

most of common degradation symptoms are;

  1. sticking shed syndrome
  2. print through
  3. broken parts
  4. mold
  5. loss of lubrication
  6. vinegar syndrome
  7. Other.


Diferent Audio cassette formats

some of most common typologies

Audio RestauraciónCassette a Digital

— Profesionales en el sector de la restauración de audio —