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Audio-visual media transfer to digitalWax cylinders transfer to digitalOpen reel transfer to DigitalSound Restoration.

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More than 110 different audio-visual media transfer to digital.

IASA /UNESCO policies for audio-visual media archiving

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Audio Cassette to digital

34 different audio cassette transfer to digital

minicassette, micro cassette, elcasete, dcc, dat, adat, dictet, compact cassette,

minifon, rca victor, muntz, 8 track cart, …

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Wax cylinder to digital

AR transfers more than 12 different audio cylinders types to digital

Edison, Columbia, Pathè, dictabelt, dictaphone, Lambert, Bussy Bee, etc.

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Shellac discs

to digital

more than 18 different “shellac” discs

shellac, vinyl, acetate, radio transcriptions, cardboard (recordio,…) aluminium (speak-0-phone, …)

78rpm, 76 rpm, 100rpm. 16rpm,…

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Open Reels to Digital

more then 12 different open reel typologies

Wire recordings, domestic open reels, professional open reels,

IBM executary magnabelt…

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Audiovisual to digital

u-matic, betacam, betamax, telecine 8mm and super 8mm (frame by frame),

hi8, vhs-c, vhs, video 2000, minidv, laserdisc, etc.

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LAB and Studio

mold, broken parts, embebed dirt, sticky shed syndrome, loss of lubrication,…

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– broken parts,

– sticky shed,

– loss of lubrication,

– mold,…

Audio Discs

– mold,

– palmitic acid,

– broken shellacs,

– deformation on vinyl discs,…

Wax cylinders

– mold,

– broken wax cylinders,

– cracked cylinders,

– embebed dirt,

– deformed plaster core,

– rust on Columbia internal ring …

Open reels/ magnetic wire

– Sticky shed syndrome,

– Loss of lubrication,

– vinegar syndrome,

– mold,

– print through,

– tangled wire,…


from when we get contacted to when the job is delivered

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Our Works Worldwide





Public libraries, museums, National archives, record labels, collectors…

More than 4.000.000 tracks transferred from audio and video formats,

more than 100 CDs published , we are able to process daily more than 100 shellac discs..









Iecisa (El Corte Inglés), Indra, Museo Reina Sofía, Fundación Botón (Banco Santander), Fundación Caixa Galicia, Biblioteca Nacional, Ednon, Tradison World Music, Fundación Alfonso X El Sabio, Fundación Juan March, Grupo Prisa, Museo de Portimao, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad de Extremadura, Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya, Warner Music, Ouvirmos, Edicións do Cumio, Institut Valencia de la Música, Arquivo sonoro de Galicia, Diputación de Pontevedra…







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