Audio Restoration

Shellac disc to digitalAudio cassette to DigitalWax cilinder to DigitalOpen reel to DigitalSound Restoration, Audio treatment, Audio Restoration Cleanliness.

Audio Restoration Labs

IASA /UNESCO protocols for audio archiving

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Audio Cassette to digital

More than 28 different audio cassette formats to digital

We use cutting edge technology on audio restoration;

minicassette, micro cassette, elcassette, dcc, dat, adat, dictet, compact cassette, …

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Wax cylinder to digital

more than 12 different audio cylinder formats

Edison, Columbia, Pathè, dictabelt, dictaphone, Lambert, Bussy Bee, etc.

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Shellac disc “78rpm”

to digital

more than 18 different “shellac” discs to digital

shellac (generic term), vinyl, acetate, radio transcriptions, cardboard (recordio,…) aluminium (speak-0-phone, …) 78rpm, 76 rpm, 100rpm. 16rpm,…

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Open Reel to Digital

more then 12 different open reel audio formats to digital

Wire recording; Chicago Webster, Silvertone…. open reels; 3”, 5”, 7” 10.5”.1/4″, 1/2″, 1/8″ Nagra.1 7/8ips, 3 3/4 ips, 7 1/2 ips, 15 ips and 30 ips. NAB, IEC, DIN. Dbx, Dolby A and Dolby SR, Nagramaster…

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LAB and Studio

Restoration Studio and audio Lab

mold, broken parts, embebed dirt, sticky shed syndrome, loss of lubrication,…

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1 Cassettes
cassette rota, broken audio cassette tape

broken parts, sticky shed, loss of lubrication, mold,…

2 Audio Discs
Disco de pizarra roto a digital, digitalización de disco de pizarra roto,

mold, palmitic acid, broken shellacs, deformation on vinyl discs,…

3 “Wax” cylinders
cilindro roto, broken wax cylinder,

mold, broken wax cylinders, cracked cylinders, embebed dirt, deformed plaster core, rust on Columbia internal ring …

4 Open reels and Wire recordings
bobina daños, open reel damaged,

Sticky shed syndrome, Loss of lubrication, vinegar syndrome, mold, print through, tangled wire,…

Our Works Worldwide

Videos and photographs about some of our works

Our Clients; Public libraries, museums, National archives, record labels, collectors, etc …more than 50 audio CD released world wide by different Record Labels…

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