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Our studio and sound lab, is specialized on digitization of analog audio recordings and later digital restoration. We have and provide the best technology for that purpose, samples up to 192khzs and resolution of 24bits to obtain the purest and exact sound. Public and private music libraries, institutions, publishing editorials trust us. We follow strict international protocols to obtain the most faithful and rigorous sound, without spoiling the recording in origin.

From ends of the S. The XIXth, patent systems of sound recording for Thomas A. Edison, Oberlin Smith or Emile Berliner, there was an increasing evolution developing diferent types of supports: Wax cylinders with diferences in diameter, speeds, etc. Diferent types of shellac disk . Wire reels, magnetic tapes, reel to reel with differences in composicións, tracks, speeds, width, etc. Compact assettes types; Muntz, Nab broadcast, RCA-Victor, Playtape, Sabamovil, Tefi, philips, minifon, XL2, Elcaset, etc.

Wax cylinders: The basic parameters for digitization deppends on; compositions (wax, celluloid...), brands with his peculiarities (Edison, Pathé, Columbia ...), their special fragility (contrasts of temperature provoke breaks), sizes (ej. Saloon 20th Century), speeds (160rpm, 120rpm ...), etc.

We use the best audio system to transfer any sort of audio Cylinder. THE ARCHEOPHONE.

Shellac discs: composition (cardboard, resin, nitrate, aluminium, vinyl ...) type (vertical, lateral, etc.), groove width, speed of rotation, among the 62 rpm and them 100rpm is very habitual. Equ (up to the appearance of the curve RIAA, which has standardized the vynil discs,diferent equs have used

We analyce the groove width to sellect the apropriate needle to get the accuray sound.

Wire recorder reel, predecessor of the open tape reel.

Open reel tapes; type of composition (paper, acetate, polyester ...) track configuration (NAB, din butterfly Stereo 0.75mm, Fulltrack, etc.) speeds (1-7/8, 3-3/4, 15/32, 7-1/2, 11-1/4, etc., equ (IEC, AES, AME, NAB ...)
The employment of encoders in the recording must be decoded to avoid to spoil the sound (Dolby, C4 Telcom, Dbxetc.) hub: AEG, NAB, CINE, NAGRA.




Compact cassettes formats; RCA-Victor, Nab broadcast, Muntz, 8 tracks, microcassette, Playtape, Tascam portaestudio, etc.

We also can transfer Digital formats: Dcc, Dat, Adat, Dtrs, Minidisc, etc. to CD, DVD or Hard Disc

We use the state of the art playersTo obtain the most accurate sound.








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